Friday, October 25, 2013

Nooristan Foundation's Fall Benefit Dinner

Leonie, a woman owned international government contracting firm, was honored to be a sponsor of the Nooristan Foundation’s Fall benefit Dinner, “An Evening of Hope to Benefit the Women and Children of Afghanistan,” hosted at the residence of Her Excellency the Ambassador of India Nirupana Rao in Washington D.C. Leonie personnel have worked in Afghanistan for over 5 years in support of the U.S. government mission. Through this work, we have seen first-hand the importance of gender equality for women in Afghanistan, as well as the need to increase access to the justice system for the most vulnerable elements of Afghan society. Leonie’s contribution will support the Afghan Trade and Women's Legal Empowerment Programs.

“We applaud the Nooristan Foundation for the tremendous work it does promoting girls education in Afghanistan, as well as humanitarian aid and medical assistance. The literacy classes and professional training for women in the outskirts of Kabul are making real progress and the Nooristan Foundation has made great strides to improve the life of the Afghan women by providing this valuable training. We are honored to be able to support the great work of this organization,” said Chuck Thomas, President and CEO of Leonie.

About Nooristan Foundation

The Nooristan Foundation is an all-volunteer Section 501 (c)(3) charity founded in 1999 and based in the Washington DC area. Their mission is to support health care, vocational training programs and education for women and children. Our policy is to work collaboratively with communities and with reliable local partners that have a track record of low overhead and an approach that respects and empowers Afghans. We believe that assistance should move beyond humanitarian aid to provide recipients with the skills they need to support themselves economically. Our goal is that the Afghans we help become full participating members of their community. Please visit

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Was Your Clearance Request Rejected?

The following are the top 10 reasons for rejecting investigation requests according to the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO).

According to, these issues are responsible for 99% of rejections. More often than not, they are simple, avoidable, mistakes.

1. Missing employment information

List all employment, including the company which is submitting the clearance request as current employer.

2. Missing information on relatives born abroad (U.S. citizen/national)

Provide complete proof of relative citizenship information, including document identification numbers.

3. Incomplete information concerning debts or bankruptcy

Disclose all financial obligations which are delinquent, and all information pertaining to bankruptcy. Include dates, amounts, account numbers, and the name of the organization to which debt is/was owed.

4. Missing social security number for adult co-habitant

Provide complete information for each field. If cohabitant is a U.S. citizen born outside the United States, provide complete proof of citizenship information, including document identification numbers.

5. Missing Selective Service registration information

A male applicant born after December, 31, 1959, who has not registered for Selective Service, must fully explain the reasons for not having registered, with reference to any applicable legal exemption(s). Persons can verify their Selective Service registration and obtain their registration information online from the Selective Service System at the web site or telephonically at 1-847-688-6888.

6. Request ID number on e-QIP does not match the number on the Certification and/or Release(s)

Pages printed from e-QIP contain the request ID of the questionnaire completed by the applicant and must match the investigation request ID being submitted to OPM. The Request ID number cannot be handwritten.

7. Illegible Certification or Release Forms

Provide complete information for each field and ensure there are no stray marks on the forms before and after scanning. Ensure the top, bottom and sides of each document are present after scanning attachments. Type or legibly print the name, SSN, address and dates. Use the date format mm/dd/yyyy.

8. Missing education information

Provide complete name and address of the school and a person who has knowledge of the applicant. If the most recent degree falls outside the scope of the investigation (7 or 10 years), provide the information regardless of how long ago the degree was obtained.

9. Missing Certification or Release Forms

The personnel security investigation cannot proceed without a signed and current release form. Scan and attach the forms in JPAS. The Fair Credit Reporting Disclosure and Authorization form is required.

10. Name disparity on Certification / Release forms and SF-86

Type or legibly print the name as it appears on the questionnaire. Do not use a middle initial if a full middle name is given on the questionnaire.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Humor is an Effective Communication Tool

Leonie, an international firm which specializes in helping their clients communicate with local people in diverse or inaccessible areas around the world through innovative, culturally-attuned global strategic communication solutions, believes humor can be an effective communication tool.

It seems counter intuitive to many people. Wouldn’t using humor make light of a serious subject, thus decreasing the effectiveness of the message? Actually, no. Using humor correctly can increase the effectiveness of a serious communication message.

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a communication campaign is figuring out how to make your message resonate with your audience and studies have shown that audiences are more open to a humorous message.

For example, take campaigns that specialize in encouraging the public to change their behavior. In these campaigns, humor can be used to prevent it coming across as too authoritative. If there is one thing that will close audiences off to your message, it is feeling that they are being scolded. Humor lowers our defenses, making us more susceptible to the message.

But why does humor work like this?

Think of a word very similar to humor – human. Humor showcases humanity. When audience members can see the human side through the message, they let their guard down and become more receptive. They lower their defenses. Funny communication messages will also be shared more frequently than more serious messages. This is something to consider if you’re using a campaign that will rely heavily on word of mouth sharing among target audience members. When something makes us laugh, we are more likely to want to share it with our friends and family.

Funny communication messages are also more memorable. One week after the Super Bowl premiered, an advertising professor at a local university asked his students which ads they remembered. Every single ad the students remembered was one they had found humorous. Even after seeing thousands of advertising messages during the previous week, they recalled almost all the details of the hilarious Super Bowl ads.

So should you implement humor in your communication strategy?

It depends on two variables: your target audience and your message. Some target audiences will be much more favorable to a humorous message than others. Differences in age, culture and region can all affect how responsive someone is to a funny message.

The second thing to take into consideration is your message. Controversial messages are ill-suited to humor, lest it look like mocking. Before releasing any humorous message, consult with a focus group of target audience members to ensure it cannot be interpreted as offensive. Frequently, companies release messages that did not seem offensive to them, but because of cultural differences, come off as offensive to their target audience. Having a focus group prevents this.

So while humor may not be right for every communication message, it can increase the effectiveness of some messages across certain target audiences.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Leonie Names New CEO

ARLINGTON, Va. — Leonie Industries, a U.S. government services provider specializing in communications and cultural advisory work, today announced the appointment of Charles “Chuck” Thomas as president and chief executive officer, effective April 8, Ed Negrelli, who has been serving as Leonie’s interim president, will return to his role of executive vice president and member of the board.

Thomas joins Leonie following more than 40 years of service to the U.S. government, in both military and private sector positions. A 31-year U.S. Army veteran, Thomas retired as Major General in 2000. He has since held several positions in the defense space, including as a vice president at Mevatec, which was acquired by BAE Systems in 2003. He then served as a vice president with BAE Systems, first in its Analytical Solutions division, later in its Analytical & Ordnance Solutions division and finally in the Engineering Solutions business division. Most recently, Thomas was the chief operating officer at ACADEMI, a privately-held training and security solutions provider serving government and commercial customers worldwide.

“After a thorough search, the board of directors is pleased to welcome Chuck Thomas to Leonie’s leadership team,” said Board Member Scott Black. “Chuck brings an exceptional combination of experience in leadership and organization building. He is ideally suited to lead our continued diversification into other government markets, as well as to oversee our continued work in communications and cultural advisory.”

Commenting about his new role, Thomas said, “I’m honored to join Leonie’s team of dedicated professionals who have established a strong track record of service to the U.S. government. These team members often go into harm’s way to tackle tough assignments in dynamic environments. I look forward to leveraging Leonie’s consistent record of excellent performance, and expanding the company’s reach into new markets.”

About Leonie Industries

Leonie is a U.S. government services provider specializing in communications, performance analytics and stability operations. We assemble top-notch teams of subject matter experts who help our clients translate strategy into reality, enabling them to meet and exceed their organizational objectives. Founded in 2001, Leonie began as a subcontractor to larger companies before growing its business to meet U.S. government demands efficiently and effectively as a prime contractor.

Leonie Announces New Vice President for Business Development

ARLINGTON, Va. — Leonie Industries, a U.S. government services provider specializing in communications and cultural advisory work, today announced the appointment of Mary Robinson as vice president for business development. In this newly-established position, Robinson, who joined the company on February 11th 2013, will leverage Leonie’s strong track record of success to identify new opportunities to serve U.S. government clients.

Robinson joins Leonie from MAR Consulting, a firm she founded specializing in business development, strategy execution and performance excellence and operations. Before starting her own consulting firm, Robinson served as a vice president for business development with BAE Systems’ Global Mission Solutions division. There she helped lead BAE's business growth providing services to large government clients worldwide. She has worked on behalf of clients at the departments of defense, state and homeland security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United Nations, U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. General Services Administration, Defense Logistics Agency and others.

“Mary Robinson is an exciting addition to our leadership team,” said Ed Negrelli, Leonie President. “Her experience as a senior leader supporting our key customers will not only enhance our current efforts, but also accelerate our expansion in to new markets moving forward.”

Commenting on her new role, Robinson said, “Leonie has diverse capabilities and a great reputation built on the hard work of employees who deliver on our commitments every day. I am honored to be part of a great organization and look forward to creating winning strategies, offerings and proposals that enable the business to grow and support a broader range of satisfied customers.”

About Leonie Industries

Leonie is a U.S. government services provider specializing in communications, performance analytics and stability operations. We assemble top-notch teams of subject matter experts who help our clients translate strategy into reality, enabling them to meet and exceed their organizational objectives. Founded in 2001, Leonie began as a subcontractor to larger companies before growing its business to meet U.S. government demands efficiently and effectively as a prime contractor.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Leonie proudly sponsors Citizens Helping Heroes (CHH) Inaugural Ball, Reception and Concert

On January 20, 2013, Leonie was a proud sponsor of the Citizens Helping Heroes (CHH) inaugural ball, reception and concert featuring Lynard Skynard. Among other activities, Leonie’s sponsorship included the donation of concert tickets for our troops and their families.

Citizens Helping Heroes, Inc. (CHH) is a Washington, DC-­‐based non-­‐profit organization dedicated to honoring and supporting our military personnel and their families, with a special focus on our wounded warriors.

This event was the third quadrennial “Heroes Red, White & Blue” presidential inaugural concert ball to salute our wounded warriors and families of the fallen. These events recognize those who nobly serve our country, as CHH honors our military heroes by hosting a quadrennial formal celebration on the occasion of the Inauguration of the U.S. President. In addition to celebrities and dignitaries, CHH invites local wounded warriors, their families, and other service-­‐members to attend the Heroes Ball, affording them an evening of entertainment and recognition for their service and sacrifice to our country.

Over 1,200 members of the military, including wounded warriors, troops and their families attended. Donte Tanner, Leonie’s Operations Director, and Gregory Townsend, Leonie’s Director of Contracts, represented our company at the VIP reception. Twelve other Leonie employees, who joined 1800 honorees and guests at the concert, expressed their appreciation for Leonie’s sponsorship of a memorable event and a noble cause.