Monday, January 28, 2013

Leonie proudly sponsors Citizens Helping Heroes (CHH) Inaugural Ball, Reception and Concert

On January 20, 2013, Leonie was a proud sponsor of the Citizens Helping Heroes (CHH) inaugural ball, reception and concert featuring Lynard Skynard. Among other activities, Leonie’s sponsorship included the donation of concert tickets for our troops and their families.

Citizens Helping Heroes, Inc. (CHH) is a Washington, DC-­‐based non-­‐profit organization dedicated to honoring and supporting our military personnel and their families, with a special focus on our wounded warriors.

This event was the third quadrennial “Heroes Red, White & Blue” presidential inaugural concert ball to salute our wounded warriors and families of the fallen. These events recognize those who nobly serve our country, as CHH honors our military heroes by hosting a quadrennial formal celebration on the occasion of the Inauguration of the U.S. President. In addition to celebrities and dignitaries, CHH invites local wounded warriors, their families, and other service-­‐members to attend the Heroes Ball, affording them an evening of entertainment and recognition for their service and sacrifice to our country.

Over 1,200 members of the military, including wounded warriors, troops and their families attended. Donte Tanner, Leonie’s Operations Director, and Gregory Townsend, Leonie’s Director of Contracts, represented our company at the VIP reception. Twelve other Leonie employees, who joined 1800 honorees and guests at the concert, expressed their appreciation for Leonie’s sponsorship of a memorable event and a noble cause.