Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Was Your Clearance Request Rejected?

The following are the top 10 reasons for rejecting investigation requests according to the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO).

According to, these issues are responsible for 99% of rejections. More often than not, they are simple, avoidable, mistakes.

1. Missing employment information

List all employment, including the company which is submitting the clearance request as current employer.

2. Missing information on relatives born abroad (U.S. citizen/national)

Provide complete proof of relative citizenship information, including document identification numbers.

3. Incomplete information concerning debts or bankruptcy

Disclose all financial obligations which are delinquent, and all information pertaining to bankruptcy. Include dates, amounts, account numbers, and the name of the organization to which debt is/was owed.

4. Missing social security number for adult co-habitant

Provide complete information for each field. If cohabitant is a U.S. citizen born outside the United States, provide complete proof of citizenship information, including document identification numbers.

5. Missing Selective Service registration information

A male applicant born after December, 31, 1959, who has not registered for Selective Service, must fully explain the reasons for not having registered, with reference to any applicable legal exemption(s). Persons can verify their Selective Service registration and obtain their registration information online from the Selective Service System at the web site or telephonically at 1-847-688-6888.

6. Request ID number on e-QIP does not match the number on the Certification and/or Release(s)

Pages printed from e-QIP contain the request ID of the questionnaire completed by the applicant and must match the investigation request ID being submitted to OPM. The Request ID number cannot be handwritten.

7. Illegible Certification or Release Forms

Provide complete information for each field and ensure there are no stray marks on the forms before and after scanning. Ensure the top, bottom and sides of each document are present after scanning attachments. Type or legibly print the name, SSN, address and dates. Use the date format mm/dd/yyyy.

8. Missing education information

Provide complete name and address of the school and a person who has knowledge of the applicant. If the most recent degree falls outside the scope of the investigation (7 or 10 years), provide the information regardless of how long ago the degree was obtained.

9. Missing Certification or Release Forms

The personnel security investigation cannot proceed without a signed and current release form. Scan and attach the forms in JPAS. The Fair Credit Reporting Disclosure and Authorization form is required.

10. Name disparity on Certification / Release forms and SF-86

Type or legibly print the name as it appears on the questionnaire. Do not use a middle initial if a full middle name is given on the questionnaire.

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