Friday, December 14, 2012

Leonie Supports New “Access to Justice Program” in Iraq

Effective December 9, 2012, Leonie was notified to provide specialized expertise in support of the “Iraq Access to Justice Program.”

The purpose of this multi-faceted, social outreach program is to promote public awareness to enhance the practical knowledge of People With Disabilities in Iraq. The program will raise awareness regarding People With Disabilities, their responsibilities, rights and remedies under lraqi law, and to bring about needed improvements and amendments to the laws supporting people with disabilities inside Iraq.

The program will inform and assist Iraqi citizens with physical and mental disabilities, their families, caregivers, government officials, service providers, and the general public.

Through the creation, development and distribution of broadcast audio and video programs throughout Iraq, citizens will be informed about their legal rights and the formal system of redress.

Leonie is known for providing expertise in communicating with audiences in remote, hard to reach locations in Iraq, the Greater Middle East, and throughout the world. The company also specializes in evaluating and assessing the effectiveness of communications programs, enabling program sponsors to make effective campaign adjustments, applying scarce resources at the right place and at the right time. Expertise where you need it!

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