Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7 Principles of Successful Communication Campaigns

Leonie, an international firm that specializes in communicating with local people in diverse and often inaccessible areas around the world through innovative, culturally-attuned global strategic communication solutions, has been able to craft successful client campaigns based on seven principles. The first principle of our communication strategy is the ability to amplify credible voices through customized communication campaigns. We believe in authenticity and integrity. Because of this, you can be assured all of our messages are trustworthy.

The second principle of a successful communication campaign is understanding local cultures and their opinions. Leonie was founded on the belief that all cultures deserve respect. We employ local cultural advisers to study local cultures and ensure our message is being delivered in an effective, respectful way.

The third principle we implement is a wide array of communication products designed to enhance communication effectiveness. In fact, we have designed, developed and distributed over one million multimedia messages internationally.

The fourth critical element of effective communication is having a timely and accurate monitoring capability with an effects assessment process and tool set, such as the "Media Battlespace Awareness" assessment capability that was developed and implemented by Leonie Industries in concert with our customer.

The fifth principle of effective communication involves in-depth research, the foundation of any effective communication campaign. We have experience in conducting research including polls, focus groups, analytic reporting, and qualitative research in over 60 countries around the globe.

The sixth way we foster effective communication is through providing multiple digital communication mediums including social media, blogs, podcasts and more. Leonie uses the most innovative communication channels to communicate with locals in a form that resonates with them.

The seventh way we promote effective communication is by using quantitative analysis in close proximity to local problems, complex issues and evolving social landscapes.

By using these seven principles of effective communication Leonie is able to produce highly effective campaigns for its clients.

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